Eric Zhu


I am a high school developer and designer. Check out my work below.

  • Pause Menu


    Unity Pause Menu

    1000 lines of well documented c# code - scroll down to see more


    My open source pause menu was originally made over the course of an uncompleted Unity3d project. In order to create this menu I largely implemented the Unity QualitySettings into a custom manager and used Sketch to create the art.

    Project hosting on Github

    New updates are pushed to Github. The repo is becmoing popular amongst Unity developers with 40+ stars and 7 forks.

    Check out the releases here: releases

    5 star rating

    All 5 star reviews and ratings. Positive feedback has be tremendous.

    3500+ users

    Over 3500 users of the Unity Pause Menu solely from the assetstore alone (not including Github users)

  • Unity3d



    Game design and other things - scroll down to see more


    A picture taken from a scene in my project New Horizons.

    Environment Part 2

    Another scene I made for New Horizons.

    Audio Visualizer

    This audio visualizer was a quick project that I decided to do after having seen visualizers on the web.

    The making

    The visualizer was done by getting samples from the fft window and modifying the y scale of the cubes in an array.

    Hosting on Github

    This visualizer is hosted on Gitub. Check it out to see the insides of the visualizer.

    Check it out here: Visualizer

  • Graphic Design


    Selected Works

    Designs made over the years - scroll down to see more

    "Misty Mountains"

    Made in Photoshop, and was the result of a month long "visual hiku" project .

    "Alaska Postcard"

    Made in Photoshop and Illustator over the course over 3 weeks for an extra credit project.

    "The Dragon"

    A very quick personal project made in Photoshop for some profile pictures.

    New Horizons Logo

    Made with Sketch for my game in development, New Horizons.

    Great Arc Studios

    Made with Sketch for my dev group, Great Arc Studios.

    Playing Cards

    This was a quick project made in illustrator in Digital Arts with the theme of Gill Sans in mind.

    Typographic Puma

    This was a quick project made in illustrator in Digital Arts using words to create an image of a puma.

  • Equator Music


    WIP Project

    A light weight music player accessing the power of YouTube through the Youtube API V3

    Concept Art

    Created in Sketch


    Designed using Sketch and Illustrator

    The Outcome

    Constructed using WPF and Metro UI

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